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Shaun has been singing and performing most of his life. Raised in a musical family in Cleveland, Ohio, his father was the other half of a duo called The Swordsmen who recorded for RCA Victor and toured with Nina Simone in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Traveling with his father, gigs and rehearsals became commonplace for him at an early age. Having sung in church, high school choirs, college glee clubs and several community choirs and chorals, Shaun has crafted and honed his vocal abilities in such a way as to allow him to sing just about any style of music, in any genre.

He first performed in front of a crowd at the age of six. He began taking voice lessons at the Cleveland Music School Settlement at the age of 10. During high school he won numerous awards in different vocal competitions. The highlight of his collegiate years was performing with the world renowned Morehouse College Glee Club and being a member of the Morehouse College Quartet.

He has always had a deep appreciation for music of all kinds and attributes his father with having nurtured in him a musical palette rich and diverse in musical taste. “Music is an aural journey and how you arrange that journey and where it goes has to entice the listener, has to make them want to come along for the ride. I like to travel the world in my music”.

Since moving to Atlanta in 1989, he’s been involved in the music scene performing at many of the cities top music venues, including, The Tavern At Phipps, The Renaissance Hotel, Café 290, Hairston’s Night Club, and Young Blood’s Café to name a few. In addition to playing private gigs and special events, he enjoys spending most of his time composing and recording.

In 2001, he signed with Ice Fire Records/Vandor Music Group. He attributes Vandor with opening his eyes to “the real world of the music business”. The result was the release of his debut album, Something About Your Love. Most of the songs from the CD have been charting on the Record Buyers Guide/Atlantic Satellites Top 2500, a few of them for over 2 years. Asked what inspires him when writing a song, he says, simply put, “life dude, life!” His advice to aspiring singers, “learn the business” and “listen more than you sing”.

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